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One beat.

One breath.

Your heart and lungs aren’t just located near each other – they are partners working to make sure your entire body gets the oxygen it needs. With each beat, your heart sends blood throughout the body. And with each breath you send air and life into your lungs.

About Alteas

Alteas Health is on a mission to bring specialty care to transitional care settings.

Our Services

We provide specialized, focused Cardiology and Pulmonology care for residents where and when they need it.

What makes us different?

Our 4 principles of care are what make us different and why you need us.

Specialty clinic

We are excited to announce our expansion of services to include outpatient care. Our conveniently located outpatient clinic is designed to offer the same high-quality care in a more accessible setting.

Join the Evolution of Healthcare

Join us for impassioned, impactful possibilities.

We serve 200+ homes in over 7 states